1. mangaluva:

    I forgot that when the Palace Guard came for Lady Sybil she charged them, screaming, wielding an antique broadsword so sharp it cut one man’s ear even though she missed him.


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    Vimes, man, I totally sympathize with you

    got a BLT at Tim’s, and it was bacon, lettuce, and tomato


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    art by Paul Kidby

    Sybil Ramkin is one of my all time favorite characters.

    “Even shorn of her layers of protective clothing, Lady Sybil Ramkin was still toweringly big. Vimes knew that the barbarian hublander folk had legends about great chain-mailed, armor-bra’d, carthorse-riding maidens…

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    Happy 25th!

    Featuring His Grace, His Excellency, the Duke of Ankh, King of the River and Blackboard Monitor, Commander Sir Samuel “If I Have To Sit Another Portrait We Will Have Words" Vimes, Lord Havelock "If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It" Vetinari, Patrician of Ankh-Morpork and Honorary Carnivorous Flamingo, and Lady Sybil Deirdre Olgivanna Vimes née Ramkin, Duchess of Ankh, Author and Actual Queen Of Everything Forever And Ever, Amen (and background swamp dragon of the "Ah, to Hell with this" variety, drawn in Very Tired Times).

    I ship it   

    Pssst, I also did a version with flower crowns (because they always are an improvement on everything): 

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    Sybil Ramkin is one of my heroines though

    She spends forty-odd years fat and single and obsessed with dragons and loving it and letting nobody give her any shits

    And then she meets a dashing-if-drunken forty-something watchman and they think they’re too old for love but they are so, so, so wrong…

  6. enigmaticagentalice:

    Lady Sybil Vimes (née Ramkin) Duchess of Ankh

    If you don’t think Lady Sybil is absolutely wonderful and perfect then I don’t even know what to say to you

    • Lady Sybil who breeds swamp dragons in her spare time
    • Lady Sybil who once faced down a dragon the size of a street by scolding it firmly
    • Lady Sybil who sang part of a dwarf opera from memory in order to diffuse a sticky political situation
    • Lady Sybil who, when kidnapped by werewolves, escaped out of the window and belted one of them around the head with a log…while pregnant
    • Lady Sybil who darns her husbands socks personally, despite the fact that she is rich enough to buy a new pair every day for the rest of their lives if need be
    • Lady Sybil, founder of The Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons AND The Lady Sybil Free Hospital, one of the few hospitals where people actually come out alive
    • Lady Sybil who has friends and connections around the world and is on a first name basis with Lord Vetinari
    • Lady Sybil who is one of the kindest, most compassionate, most open-minded characters in the Discworld series, who is endlessly patient and reasonable, who shows tremendous courage in the face of danger, who treats everyone she meets as a equal despite her privileged upbringing and who never compromises her principles or deserts those in need
    • Lady Sybil <3
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    I have no idea why everyone in the entire world isn’t talking about this. I joined hogwartsishere just a few short hours ago and I’ve already had more fun than when I first discovered Pottermore. I highly encourage everyone to check it out! In case you’re curious, here’s a brief summary of how the site works:

    After you’ve registered (i.e. enrolled) at the HiH Hogwarts, chosen your house, and created a personal Gringott’s vault  - which is entirely free, btw - you can join a dorm, add friends, buy books, register for classes, and earn house points by completing assignments. You get a personal profile and a gradebook to mark your progress, as well as access to fun sides like chocolate frog cards and academic gifts from your professors. YOU CAN EVEN WRITE YOUR OWN BOOKS (fictional and non-fictional) WHICH ARE THEN ADDED TO THE LIBRARY. MY NERDY HEAD SPUN ALL THE WAY AROUND, GUYS.

    I’m taking History of Magic and Transfiguration at the moment, catching up on the lessons I missed when I had no idea the site existed. It’s surprisingly high brow, educationally extensive and an absolute blast. I also made, like, ten new friends during my first hilarious chat with my Slytherin dormmates. Honestly, as someone who’s almost always invisible, even online, that’s a huge deal to me. Everyone is so nice over there.

    Go, fellow Potterheads! Go forth and get sorted*!

    *In truth, you aren’t really sorted. You pick your house. Slytherin forever. ♥



    Omfg this needs to be spread.

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    Be careful with your kindness. [x]

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    658. The trouble with madness is that the mad don’t know they are mad.